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Dolphin Tours

Make the most of your visit to Alys Beach Florida. Enjoy Colorful wildlife, outstanding beaches, relaxing days, and a wide selection of leisure activities for the whole family.

Dolphin Tours In Alys Beach Florida

Dolphins are a popular attraction for sightseeing. Our dolphin tour company in Alys Beach Florida offers several different kinds of tours to enjoy these marine mammals. Some of our tours focus on the dolphins themselves, while others take a more educational approach. Explaining how dolphins interact with their environment and the different ways they communicate.

Of course, there’s no getting around the fact that dolphin watching on the Emerald Coast is a fun activity, and we try to keep our tours fun as well as educational.

We are a company based in Alys Beach, Florida that offers dolphin tours. Our rates are affordable and our boats are in good condition. Our captains are friendly and know when the dolphins are the most active. And we offer plenty of fun extras to make your vacation a memorable one. Give us a call today!

Are you planning a vacation to the Emerald Coast this year, but don’t know where to begin? Last year, over a million people, took a dolphin tour with us in Alys Beach. Our captains know where all of the dolphins are, and we’ll tell you exactly where to go to see them.

We can even tell you where to find the best restaurants and shopping. We’ll give you all of the information you need, and make sure you have the trip of a lifetime, so you can come back again and again.

Wild Dolphin Tours In Alys Beach, FL

There are many reasons to love visiting the Emerald Coast of Florida. From the long, white-sand beaches to the many museums and theme parks. Yet one of our favorite things about the Sunshine State is its natural beauty.

In particular, we love seeing the manatees and dolphins in the wild of Panama City Beach’s. That’s why we’re proud to offer tours that let you see these magnificent animals up close on the Emerald Coast.

You’ve always wanted to have the experience of a swim with dolphins, but getting the chance is rare. We pair you with the marine mammals in a unique way: you’ll be in a boat, they’ll be in the water, and there won’t be any glass or other barriers in between.

Often, they will swim alongside you, or you can try to join them. We provide such a fun and educative experience and the tour has been featured in the Alys Beach Review as the best way to see dolphins in Panama City Beach.

Snorkel Tours And Sunset Cruise In Alys Beach, FL

Alys Beach Dolphin Tours

Our Alys Beach sunset cruise is the best way to get entertained without getting bored. This is for everyone who loves dolphins, the ocean, and of course, sunset tours. You get to snorkel and watch dolphins play in the water, and you even get to go into the water yourself.

This tour is perfect for people just beginning to snorkel as well as those who are experts at it. (This tour is not for people who are afraid of the water or who cannot swim)

Snorkeling trips are relaxing, but it can also be a fun challenge. It’s difficult to see fish in the water when you’re standing on the dock, but when you’re underwater, you can experience a whole other world or Marine Life. You can “see” fish clearly that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Going on a Dolphin and Snorkel tours is also a good form of exercises and fun activities. This form of exercise doesn’t require much of your time.

You can combine it with other activities like swimming or sunbathing. However, you have to avoid certain things in order to have fun and enjoy the process. This is where our snorkeling expertise comes in.

We offer a family-friendly way to explore the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico in Alys Beach, Florida. The tours are loved by all ages and are quite safe for all those participating.

There is no pre-dive training required, as all you need to do is put on the snorkeling gear and enjoy the sights of the ocean and of the dolphins.

Speedboat Ride and Dolphin Watching In Alys Beach, FL

It’s not a big secret that South Florida is one of the best places in the world to see dolphins. With the Gulf Stream current running right through the Sunshine State, dolphins have plenty of food to eat. However, finding them is a little more tricky. (Unless you have a boat.) That’s why Shell Island Dolphin Tours offers its services to provide a Wonderful experience for tourists and locals in Alys Beach.

We help people experience the wonder of meeting these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. At Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours, we specialize in dolphin tours in Alys Beach. We know that every trip on the water is unique and we always try to schedule your boat ride based on your preferences. We want you to have an exciting ride on the water with the dolphins at the ideal time

Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise in Alys Beach, FL

The dolphin Sightseeing cruise tours in Alys Beach are a great way to see these friendly creatures in their natural habitat. After an instructional talk on dolphin behavior, you’ll board a boat to go dolphin-watching.

The boats are equipped with hydrophones, which allow you to listen to the dolphin’s communication and to see them up close.

This experience doesn’t just benefit the dolphins, however, as it is also a great way to help them as well. Dolphin-watching has been proven to help maintain dolphin health and welfare and is a great way to observe them as they journey through the oceans.

The tours in Alys Beach are also a great way to educate yourself on dolphin behavior and are sure to be a pretty magical experience.


Dolphins have always been a major draw for tourists visiting Florida. One of the best ways to see these and other aquatic wildlife is from a boat or a kayak.

It’s hard to believe that just about a decade ago, Alys Beach was just a sleepy little fishing village, but a series of events in the past few years turned the tiny Gulfside town into the hottest vacation spot in Florida.

The town has only a few hotels and cottages, so vacationers often have to stay outside the city, but that’s not a problem when you consider that the closest beach is just a short trip away. The main attraction in the charming seaside town of Alys Beach is the dolphin tours, which let you get up close and personal with the world’s second-most intelligent animal. The prices of a dolphin tour in Alys Beach depend on the length of the tour. we offer 2-hour trips, 3 hours and 4 hours trips.