C.S.S Yacht Basin
Dolphin Tour

Make the most of your visit to C.S.S Yacht Basin. Enjoy Colorful wildlife, outstanding beaches, relaxing days, and a wide selection of leisure activities for the whole family.

Dolphin Tours In C.S.S Yacht Basin, FL

We go out several times a day, and every time is different. You can expect to see between 15 and 30 bottlenose dolphins on the average trip. If you’re a dolphin lover, a trip to Panama City Beach should be on your travel bucket list. The waters off the coast of this small Florida town are some of the best places in the world to see dolphins swimming and frolicking in their natural habitat.

C.S.S Yacht Basin Dolphin Tours offers the best way to see the wildlife Panama City has to offer. Their new tour involves land and sea and gives you the chance to get up close and personal with dolphins and other wildlife. After passengers arrive in C.S.S Yacht Basin, they go on a short boat ride to the Dolphin Cove, where they can snorkel with the dolphins in the bay on the open sea.

If you are in Colon and want to see dolphins, it’s hard to beat one of C.S.S Yacht Basin’s Dolphin Tours. This outfitter has several options to choose from: you can go for a half-day trip, a full-day trip, or a sunset cruise. Their guides will keep you informed and explain the history of the area and provide you with interesting tidbits of knowledge.

Even the sunset cruise is entertaining since the guides will have you looking up at the sky to search for bats and leave you wondering if they exist or if they’re just part of the lore of Panama! C.S.S. Yacht Basin is a marina in Panama City, Florida.

Small-Group Dolphin & Snorkel Tour
in C.S.S. Yacht Basin

You don’t have to be familiar with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico to know that a snorkeling tour is an experience you shouldn’t miss. And, if you’re in Panama City Beach, you’re lucky because you don’t have to travel far to find the dolphins and manatees that inhabit the area.

Once the Captain and crew have set you up with your flotation device, they’ll lead you and your group of up to 3 other people out to the edge of the reef where the dolphins are. The dolphins sometimes splash around above the reef waiting for your group, or they may swim out to meet you.

Either way, once you arrive, you’ll be able to spend as much time with them as you like. The dolphins are immensely friendly, and it’s hard to believe they’re wild animals. Some of them love to play and will splash around with you and your snorkel gear.

Others prefer to hang out and come up to you and your group to check you out. The U.S. Coast Guard certifies our captains and naturalists, and all of them are bilingual, so they’ll make your experience fun and educational.

Dolphin Cruise At C.S.S. Yacht Basin

C.S.S Yacht Basin Dolphin Tour

Ready to set sail for an adventure? Then hop aboard the C.S.S. Yacht Basin Dolphin Tours! Whether you’re looking for a dolphin cruise or sightseeing, we have a tour for you.

We provide guests with the best experience ever, and you’ll have a blast watching these mammals up close while being guided by our board. Our board of Trustees are always ready to help and proffer solution to any issue encountered.

If you visit Panama City, you may want to rent a yacht, but you probably want to know where to rent the boat.

Fortunately, there is a place where you can reserve the boat of your dreams and discover the great adventure that Panama City has to offer.

C.S.S. Yacht Basin in Panama City is the ideal place to make any vacation a memorable experience. Also, dolphin attempts to display a lot of playful activities that can keep all guests happier.

Every summer, thousands of vacationers visit the C.S.S. Yacht Basin in Panama City, Florida.

C.S.S Yacht Basin Dolphin Tours

C.S.S Yacht Basin Dolphin Tour

We offer a wide array of services for mariners, including a full-service marina, yacht club, and a selection of boats of all sizes, from kayaks to mega yachts.

If you’re looking for a unique way to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Panama City, you can rent a luxury yacht at C.S.S. Yacht Basin.

Boasting a fleet of yachts and charters perfect for both families and groups of friends, C.S.S. Yacht Basin is the only place in Panama City where you can go cruising on a dolphin-watching excursion.

As you glide across the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be up-close and have a personal encounter with dolphins, as well as all the beaches, wildlife, and other sights that make Panama City a perfect vacation destination for you in any month of your choice.